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Half Marathon / Marathon

Resurgo Marathon

Saturday, September 12, 2020
Moncton, Riverview, and Dieppe, New Brunswick


Resurgo. I rise again. We rise again from slumbers of dormancy, or from depths of defeat, to shake off doubt and uncertainty and take up the challenge of endurance. Resurgo. I rise again.

We call upon the runners of the region to join us this September in Greater Moncton, to compete in the running of the Resurgo Marathon. The cost will be low, except what you ask of your body. Run well, run hard, and may the tide swallow up the hindmost.


This year Resurgo will be part of a weekend running festival in Greater Moncton, with the Resurgo marathon and half marathon taking place on Saturday, September 12th, and the National 5km Road Race Championships happening Sunday, September 13th. Consider sticking around after your race on Saturday to watch - or chase - some of Canada's best middle distance runners on Sunday!



The Resurgo Marathon and Half Marathon are no frills, affordable races for the runners of the Greater Moncton area and beyond to test their endurance limits. These races will take place on the trails of Moncton, Riverview, and Dieppe, and be certified  as well as chip timed.

The marathon is $40 to register, and the half marathon is $30. Any additional funds raised by our not for profit event will be put towards programs promoting running in the province.


Route Map

The race will start and finish near the Three Fathers Memorial in the Moncton Riverfront Park, following the waterfront trail across the Gunningsville Bridge to Riverview, and back across towards Dieppe. For the marathon, the route will be two loops.


Will there be water stops? Can I bring my dog? Where do I get my bib? Find out here!


There are a limited number of parking spots available at the City of Moncton parking lot beside Riverfront Park, as well as parking available at nearby ballfields. Please do not park at any businesses.

Who We Are

The Greater Moncton Running Club will be hosting the Resurgo Marathon again in 2020. Our club ranges from beginner runners, to provincial elites, who are all working towards the same goal: to be their best running self.

We chose the name "Resurgo" for our event for a few reasons. We see the phrase Resurgo being intrinsically linked to the Moncton region. The Latin phrase comes from the City of Moncton's motto, and translates to 'I rise again'. It has encapsulated the unwavering spirit of the area as it recovered from different economic crises over time, such as the loss of the CN repair shops, and the collapse of the shipbuilding industry before that. When faced with hardship, the people of Greater Moncton rise to meet it.


As such, it is a good summation of circumstances that gave rise to this event existing - the uncertainty and eventual cancellation of the Legs for Literacy marathon distance in 2019. From that disappointment, the local running community 'rose again' to host a marathon event in September 2019 - despite Hurricane Dorian crashing the party. Resurgo will return in 2020, taking a different form than flashy big city marathons; it may be a little unpolished, and a little grassroots, but the heart powering it is unmatched. We hope you give it a shot, and 'rise again' to the challenge of the marathon!

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